Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So what wednesday with my girl Shannon!

This is LOOOOOONNNGGG overdue that I link up with my lovely friend Shannon over at  Life After I Dew for her "So What Wednesday" link up! It is so cathartic to just let it out and say "so what" to what has been going on over in the world that is me and my family.

So...Here is what I am saying "so what" to this week!

So What...

1) If I didn't let my child get the toy she wanted at Target and she was throwing the temper tantrum of the century- seriously it was epic!

2) Adding to #1, the bitch behind me that gave me the nastiest look that I am a horrible mother for not letting my child have a $5 item, she can go eff off because my children are going to learn responsibility no matter what age they are. I taught them "please" and "thank you" by the time they were 2 because in today's society kids are soooo disrespectful and we need more polite and well-mannered kids (in my opinion)

3) If I treat myself to a piece of chocolate that my husband bought me from Valentine's Day, every.single.night! Mama needs to unwind somehow!

4) My new guilty pleasure is "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills". I know that it is so insane, but it makes me laugh and any show that can make me laugh is worth watching.

5) I am plotting with my SIL and MIL on the greatest Disney vacay EVER! It is going to be AMAZING!

6) That I just watched Dallas Buyers Club  for the first time- HOLY SHIT did Matthew McCoughaney and Jared Leto amaze me in that movie- there is no doubt in my mind that they deserve their Oscars! Absolutely amazing and if you haven't seen it- please do!

So that's what I have for this wednesday! Shannon- my sincerest apologies that it has taken me so long to link back up- love you!
Life After I Dew

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