Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Last week, I watched and re-watched, my favorite show, Ellen, and of course it was the episode that she was interviewing Leo DiCaprio, that I was honed in on. But on that episode also, Sara Bareilles performed her new hit "Brave". I was mesmerized because I had never seen her perform live, despite being a big fan of her music, but the lyrics to this song just hit me and I fell in love with this song. I felt that it was so empowering- for ANYONE! I then ran to you tube and watched the video for it, and then fell even more in love because it truly encompasses all that I feel the song does. There are so many different people and types of people that need to "say what they wanna say and let the words fall out". We all deserve that chance to be "BRAVE".  For all my loyal loves- I honestly want to see you be brave! Take a chance, do something extraordinary- because there is only ONE you and this song/video gave me a totally new perspective on things. I want to be as brave as the people in this video are to do what they all did to make this video (now granted I am sure they were paid), but what would happen if we all just "let it all out" so to speak, and just had that one minute even of bravery, where we let all of our inhibitions go and just said what we wanted to say or did exactly what we wanted to do?


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