Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year, new blog????

Hi loves- it's still me- Lindsey, from the former Lovetothemoon.com. I had technological difficulties that couldn't be fixed sadly enough, so I am now writing here at: www.iwillloveyoutothemoon.com . Same type of content as a family, woman, hopefully inspiring- lifestyle blog. It definitely bums me out that I can no longer have that site anymore because you- my loyal readers, have always been so kind to me. So please follow along here- because I will do my best not to disappoint.
Many of you already know that I stay true to myself and my word about what I write. There is no BS in this corner, sorry folks. But in a way- I think that is a good thing. As 2014 rapidly approaches in another approximately 16 hours, I look at switching over to a new (domain) website, as a new beginning. Just like many of us make our New Year's Resolutions. One of the many resolutions I have for 2014, is to write more often. I say it too often and something ends up holding me back (mostly my own tongue), but that is what this blog is about- being able to freely speak. Being able to bitch about the crazy bitches (oh if you're new, I tend to curse here since I try not to around the kids- sorry!) at Target that either took my parking spot. cut me in line, or left their kid's snot rag in the cart after leaving. 
 So in other words, I try my best to write about those types of relatable situations, and try to inspire those I can because I feel that it is something I really want to do. Sometimes a quote, a funny story, a new outfit, anything really- can inspire someone. And that is why I enjoy writing. You'll notice that I don't go overboard on personal things with my family because....they're my family. They deserve to have their privacy too. You'll see them from time to time or read a story like how my 3 year old cut 7 1/2" off my almost 5 year old's head (I couldn't make this shit up if I tried!) Needless to say- no one was harmed by the "safety preschool scissors that should barely cut paper", my older one just got a new haircut (much to early for her or my liking). Thankfully my kids are troopers and after a few days of tears (from me and the almost 5 year old), we came to the realization that she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like- and she embraces it now! It was even great because my SIL sent her special "fairy dust" to put on the new bows sSinhe sent too, to make her hair grow faster :) 

And now that 2013 is coming to a close, I can honestly say that it just wasn't my year- all the way to the bitter end of spraining my ankle Christmas Eve and now trying to figure out how I'm going to get out of the house while the hubs is at work....hmmmmmm. Anyone want to sign up as a personal driver? (yes its the right ankle- booooo!)

I wish you all nothing but success, happiness and good health for 2014! I hope that we can share our stories together and I always enjoy a great guest post because I have numerous talented friends that are from the lovely world of blogging.


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